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Klement Reunion Tour 2017: Southern Cebu, Philippines

by Regin Reyno

Our life, like a book, is composed of different chapters. One of those chapters is our college days. The people during those days, our classmates, professors, and in our case, clinical instructors, had an effect on us, and is responsible, in one way or another of what we have become as a person right now. We have developed a relationship with them; friendship, or for some, family. So it is just proper, that after we part ways during graduation, to see them again. Because they were part of the chapter of our life. How can you forget the people whom you’ve made precious memories with. 

Our nursing clinical division class, called Klement, graduated in 2009 and took our oath in 2010. After 7 years, we decided to make an effort to see each other again. And not just a simple meeting where you have that buffet dinner and talk over drinks. We had what we call a REUNION TOUR. It was from April 23 until April 27, 2017. We wanted to make it more memorable and meaningful, so we decided to travel together in the southern part of the beautiful island of Cebu in the Philippines. Because, why not? 

The delegation consisted of Klement from different parts of the Philippines and some of those who are based in other countries, like UAE, New Zealand, China, and Qatar. 

Day 1: Arrival
Excitement was building as, slowly but surely, Klement arrived at Mactan Airport and Cebu Pier. Our classmates who are based in Cebu City, welcomed them. Photos were posted on our Facebook Group, making the arrival more exciting and celebrity-like.

After, they were settled, they toured Cebu City, making stops at famous historical sites, like Magellan’s cross, Sto. Nino Church, Fort San Pedro, and Colon Street, the oldest street in the Philippines. And of course, a visit to Miller Sanitarium and Hospital, where some of our classmates, (1 doctor and nurses) work. They also dropped by the new SM mall, probably to do last minute shopping.

It was capped by a welcome dinner in one of the famous restaurants in the city which serves grilled panga ng tuna and other Filipino delicacies. They were on Facebook Live while enjoying the food and fellowship, making other Klement want to teleport to Cebu.

Accommodation: LMS Guesthouse, EVA campus.

Day 2
This was the start of the road trip to the countryside, where the beauty of Cebu lies. Klement woke up early, donned our travel uniform, (designed by Alessa Saluta-Aligno, Klement Backpacking and Ministry’s official designer) and boarded the 2 vans that we rented for 4 days, to explore southern Cebu.

Trip 1: Cebu City to Dalaguete
Scenic breakfast at Dalaguete beach park and then proceeded to hike Osmena Peak. The view was awesome, and it seems they were fit enough to make it to the top without any complications. 

Trip 2: Dalaguete to Alcoy
Boating to small islands started here at Alcoy. Visited a sand bar, swimming unlimited without care about the sun’s rays, and had lunch at Tingko beach.

Trip 4: Alcoy to Boljoon
Visited the historical sites, structures built by the Spaniards back in the day. 

Trip 5: Boljoon to Oslob
Toured a bit of the town of Oslob then proceeded to our wonderful accommodation. Ging Ging Resort. A beautiful, mid-range resort by the sea, with wonderful function halls and a swimming pool. After our very delicious catered dinner, we had worship and gathered together for our sharing time. Kind of like an open forum where everyone spoke. The topic was, What was your unforgettable Klement moment? From the summer of 2007 when we first came to annex until oath taking in CDO in 2010. It was a wonderful time, just like old days, once again, when we were still at MVC Annex.

Our magna cum laude, Welmer's speech, stood out. He said, he kind of regretted that he didn't really maximized his time in college in terms of actvities and some other things. He was just focused on academics. His route was just dorm-caf-school and vice versa. He said he kind of envy some of us who had lots of stories to tell. Stories about adventures, (or misadventures). "Wala koy stories to tell", said Welmer. 

That's why this Reunion Tour, he really made it a point to join, to travel, so he could at least make up for what he kind of "missed" during his college days. He want to have "stories to tell" in the future. That was really something to think about, and made us realized the importance of traveling and making memories while we are still alive and able-bodied.

We had a prayer bond afterwards and sang our class song, Gentle Hands.

Accommodation: Ging Ging Resort 

Day 3
Trip 1: Whale shark watching and swimming. The highlight of this reunion tour. It was a memorable and fulfilling activity. To be able to see this huge fish, up and personal. Glad to know that we have helped improved lives of the locals there, as well.

After the amazing encounter with the whaeasharks, we proceeded to Sumilon Island. The sand bar there was an amazing spot to just swim and bask under the sun. We ended up taking a video while chanting, "Punay! Punay!", referring to Clinton, the Klement hearthrob who was not able to make this trip. Sorry, Clinton.

Trip 2: Oslob to Badian
A scenic drive along the coast for about an hour and a half. We saw the island of Negros, and had that famous turn at the tip of Cebu, which signalled us that we are about to be on the other side of the island. 

We visited the ice-cold Kawasan Falls. It was a fun moment on that raft where you go under the waterfall and have a water massage. 

After a fun but tiring day, it’s time for the most awaited part: dinner. Catered dinner at a lovely nipa hut restaurant by the sea. Chit chats, jokes, laughter while waiting for the food. 

Worship and played some fun games at our hotel, before sleeping. It was a good bonding moment, reminisced of how we interacted to each other back during clinical division days.

Accommodation: Ging Ging Hotel

Day 4 
Trip 1: Badian to Moalboal
Breakfast at a nearby carinderia along the way, then went straight to Moalboal. A touristy town famous for it’s diving spots. 

Took a pump boat to go to Pescador Island. It was snorkelling time. Pretty decent place for snorkelling. Lots of different colored fish and corals. Some did cliff jumping, too.

And then, this is my favorite of all our activities, The Sardine Run! Just off the coast of Panagsama beach, we witnessed tons of sardines. I have not seen that many fish in my life. It was just a beauty to behold. Easily one of the most amazing things I have seen in my travels.

Trip 2: Moalboal to Cebu City
After a fulfilling time in the sea, time to go back to the city because some of us have a flight and ferry to catch. The rest of us who were left behind went shopping in Cebu City, and that night, we had our final get together. I simple hangout-with-food-time at one of the outdoor malls in the city. 

Accommodation: Southpole Central Hotel 

Day 5: Travel back home
We headed to Mactan Airport and some in Cebu Pier. All good things must come to an end, so they say. 

It was a memorable experience. We are glad that we took this opportunity to see each other again. The effort that we put just to be in Cebu, to be able to see our classmates turned friends, even family, was all worth it. We had experience a wonderful occasion, memories that will not be forgotten and somewhat made us a better person. The travel opportunity, to be able to witness our country’s beauty, the friendly locals; it was very meaningful and fulfilling. 

Special thanks to Ephraim, for coordinating with our transportation, accommodation, and for making our itinerary.

See you again in 2019, Klement!

our route

Klement Reunion Tour 2017 Participants


1. Romeo and wife
2. Roger James
3. Ruby Jane with husband and daughter
4. Hazel
5. Merry Mae
6. Shayne
7. Melanie

1. Ephraim

Agusan Del Norte
1. Sheilanne

Sultan Kudarat
1. Welmer

Davao Del Sur
1. Jean Grace
2. Cherry Mae and boyfriend

Compostela Valley
1. Franz Ryan

Misamis Oriental
1.Cenalu Dimie and girlfriend

Lanao Del Norte
1. Nadine Faisa and husband

Misamis Occidental
1. Von Denniker

United Arab Emirates
1. Gypsy

1. Regin

New Zealand
1. Dodge

1. Drecille

1. Ephraim-Leyte
2. Regin-China
3. Franz Ryan-Compostela Valley

Worship Coordinator
1. Welmer-Sultan Kudarat

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