Thursday, July 25, 2013

DOLE Kalsangi Clubhouse: An Elusive Village in Mindanao

by Regin Reyno

Nestled on the foot of the majestic Mt. Matutum in Polomolok, South Cotabato, is a place where beautiful lawn, pine trees, cool breeze, American style houses, restaurant, and a 9-hole golf course can be found. It’s called Kalsangi, and is an exclusive place where expats and top management of Dole Philippines, a pineapple company, reside.

Dole's 10,000 hectares of pineapple plantation and the majestic Mt. Matutum

We were fortunate to visit it, because my cousin is a worker of Dole and he took us there. 

Traveling from the main town of Polomolok, we passed by the rough, volcanic, dirt roads, in the 10,000 thousand hectares of Dole pineapple plantation. It was a picturesque scenario. We were seeing thousands of hectares of pineapple plantations and at the same time beholding Mt. Matutum.

We went there in the afternoon, at around 4pm, when the sun’s rays is already gentle and puts some afternoon glow to the scenery. It was a thing of beauty to behold. I asked my dad to stop our vehicle and took some shots of the vast plantation and Mt. Matutum.

At a high-altitude, Kalsangi offers a cool temperature-a comfortable one, especially for the American expats who are used to working and living in cool conditions. It reminded me of Camp John Hay of Baguio City, Philippines.

 We wasted no time in exploring the area. The elusiveness of the place makes a peaceful atmosphere. Manicured lawns, pine trees, American style houses, and a 9-hole golf course made me forget that I am in Mindanao. It has also an Olympic-sized swimming pool, kiddie playground and restaurant that serves delicious food couple with a wonderful ambiance.  

It was once said that the Pines trees in the area were used by the Americans for their Christmas trees. But since most of the residents now are Filipinos, they are left to grow in abundance.
Dole Kalsangi Clubhouse
The cleanliness of the surroundings, fresh cool air, and peaceful environment makes it-in my opinion-one of the best places to live in the Philippines if you want to live longer.

My family and I spent that afternoon in Kalsangi, relaxing on the lawns, strolling, and enjoying the cool air while beholding the majestic Mt. Matutum. It was so relaxing.-a break from the busy and dusty city of downtown Polomolok.
9-hole golf course
My cousin toured us to its facilities. Later I learned from him that it was there where their wedding was held, and there are also guesthouses if you want an overnight stay.

Just like in the states, the houses there have no fences and you can clearly see its manicured lawns.

Of course a visit there won’t be complete without tasting its pineapple products and some other food. After spending some time exploring and enjoying the area, my cousin treated us to the clubhouse’s restaurant. Delicious foods such as American–style burgers, sandwiches, spaghetti, salad, tropical fruits, and pancit were served, and of course its very own fresh pineapple juice. The rest of the day was spent chatting with each other while enjoying its delicious food in a beautiful and exclusive place-a great family bonding moment.
Kalsangi was named after kalasangan which means forested area, but the Americans before can’t pronounce the word kalasangan and pronounced kalsangi instead, hence the name.

As we finished our food, we headed back to downtown Polomolok in the evening. It was time to depart the exclusive place comparable to high-end subdivisions.

delicious sandwich

salad with vinaigrette 

On our way home, we can see the city lights as far as General Santos city. That explains how high the elevation of the place-thus the cool temperature.

We were so glad and fulfilled to be able to visit the elusive Dole Kalsangi and experience a wonderful place in the middle of its vast pineapple plantation.

Special thanks to Vlademir, my cousin who took us there.

photos by Regin Reyno
All photos in this blog were taken by Regin Reyno unless credited otherwise


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    1. I guess it's not. I'm not really sure.

    2. Hi,

      Is there any way to visit this place without knowing someone who works there?
      I would like to have a tour and play golf, but I do not any cousin like you.

    3. I'm sorry, that's impossible. We have a very strict policy here.

  2. Hi! I was searching for a perfect location for an outdoor wedding and thought about Kalsangi. Do you have any idea how much it will cost for this location. and do we need to have a friend/relative to be able to use the place. Your help will mean a lot. thank you.

  3. Hi! if walang friend/relative that works at DOLE, do we still have a chance to hold a wedding there? Do you have any idea how much it will cost? Your help will mean a lot. Thank you.

  4. nope it's not. :) sorry to inform you

  5. Hi,

    Is there any way to visit this place without knowing someone who works there?
    I would like to visit Dole farm and play golf but do not have any cousin.

  6. Hi,

    Is there any way to visit this place without knowing someone who works there?
    I would like to have a tour and play golf, but I do not any cousin like you.

  7. Sana hindi nlng mgpost ng ganyan f hindi naman pala makkapunta ang ibang tao.☺😀 #walangrelative

  8. Hi sa mga gustong mag visit ng DOLE Kalsangi may relatives, friends man or wala, YOU may still try to call KALSANGI Admin office. STRICT nga sila pero hindi naman siguro ipagdadamot yung place. Kasi meron ding mga outsiders na naga visit dito sa kalsangi, mga field trips etc kahit walang friends, relatives dito. So kung gusto nyo mag visit try nyo lang e contact ung admin office ng kalsangi. Im sure they can help you all if you really want to visit.
    PS I am living at Kalsangi.

  9. Pretty interesting....look ahead to coming

  10. I'm in KALSANGI at this moment.Nice place .