Wonders of the World

New 7 Wonders of the World
1.  Great Wall of China

2. Taj Mahal

3. The Colosseum

4. Chichen Itza

5. Machu Picchu 

New 7 Wonders of Nature

1. Puerto Princesa Underground River

8th Wonder of the World

 Angkor Wat


  1. I am so excited for you to experience India! It was the very first place that I travelled to ALONE and absolutely loved it! October is a fantastic time to go (I also went in October) as the weather is perfect then. Incredible people, unparalleled beauty, mouth-watering cuisine, rich history...what more can one ask for?

    Great travel plans!

  2. Wow that's nice to hear. Good thing we chose October. Thanks for the infos...

  3. Happy to read these all destination are beautiful. I am big fond of traveling i want to visit whole world, every place, every thing. I know its not possible but i i will try to visit maximum. Lhasa, Tibet is one of top destination in my visiting list. I will go there soon as possible.

    1. That's my dream too Jason. Yeah, Tibet is a must-visit place.

  4. I’m very excited to go to china. I have already visited there before hawaiian tours about ten years back. Now I’m very agitated to visit there because here is my grandmother. I have seen her in my childhood days. Hope she’ll me happy to see me after a long time period. I’ll also visit the famous attractions over there. If someone has any suggestions then tell me, what should I never miss over there?

  5. The Great Wall and the Forbidden City