About Me

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Psalms 90:12

I'm Regin Reyno, a Filipino traveler, minimalist, and photographer based in Beijing. I prefer experiences over material things. 

I have traveled across western Europe, rode a bus from east coast to west coast of the United States of America, journeyed from Isabela, Luzon to South Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines via a 1967 American SUV, backpacked in Southeast Asia, trekked mountains in the Philippines, taught Health in an international school in Bangkok, watched the sunrise over Angkor Wat, volunteered in an orphanage in Cambodia and China, camped on the Great Wall of China, stayed with nomads in the steppes of Mongolia, spent 5 days in North Korea, watched Formula 1 cars pass by, bungy jumped, paramotored, rappelled, and swam with whalesharks and sardines.

I am chasing UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Wonders of the World.

This blog was made to record precious memories of my travels and share my experiences with you. I also included travel tips to help you in your travel. Some of my works were already published in travel magazines such as Expat Travel and LifestyleSoutheast Asia Backpacker, and Bangkok Trader.

Aside from travel and photography, my passion include choral singing, tennis, missionary works, volunteering, and Formula 1. 

I was named one of the 50 Inspiring Travel Bloggers of 2013 by Southeast Asia Backpacker magazine; and is also a Registered Nurse and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) holder. 

For writing, photography, ministry projects, volunteering, advertising opportunities, and travel tips, don't hesitate to contact me.

email address: reginstravels@gmail.com

My Brief Travel Profile

farthest north: Trondheim, Norway
farthest south: Bali, Indonesia
farthest east: Tokyo, Japan
farthest west: San Francisco, USA

longest road trip: Newark, NJ to Denver, CO, USA
longest boat trip: Manila to Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
longest plane trip: Taipei, Taiwan to Frankfurt, Germany
longest train trip: Beijing, China to Kowloon, Hong Kong

highest point (elevation): Mt. Banahaw's summit (2,170 meters asl) Quezon, Philippines 
deepest dive: Duka Bay, Misamis Oriental, Philippines (20 feet/6.09 meters)

number of countries/territories visited: 31

note: Farthest places reached are referenced from Manila, Philippines (with Manila to Europe as west and Manila to Guam as east)


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  2. Hello Regin,

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  5. Hi Regin! There are numerous bloggers who marauded my attention and inspire me in a creative and positive way. Congrats for being ONE! Happy New Year!

    Here's the SUNSHINE AWARD! You deserve it! Keep on shining! http://curlybookworm.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/the-sunshine-award/?like=1&source=post_flair&_wpnonce=56609983c7

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    1. Thanks Lailanie. I love your blog too and your attitude towards reading. Keep on writing. Happy new year.

    2. Hey, grapes buddy! haha! I just read your reply :D

      Congratulations again for the ASEAN Bloggers Festival 2013 :D wishing you all the best!

      Looking forward to reading and traveling (more) through your blog posts. More power!

    3. @Curlybookworm. Thank you. Keep on writing too.

  6. Hello Regin!

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