Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Intramuros Walking Tour

by Regin Reyno 

Most tourists going to the Philippines skip Manila and go to the provinces right away. Be it in the mountains of Northern Philippines, or the beautiful beaches of Visayas. But in Manila, you can find many historical sites. Other than the gigantic malls typical to Asian Megacities, staying in Manila for a few days will allow you to have a historical experience.

Manila Cathedral in Intramuros

A must-visit historical site if you are in Manila is Intramuros. Intramuros is a walled city in Manila during the Spanish regime. The Spaniards built walls around the capital city, Manila, during that time-to protect against invaders. It was built in  1590 until 1872. 
Fort Santiago
Last January, we were able to do a walking tour in Intramuros. It was amazing as I finally saw and experience what we were learning in Social Studies during my elementary years. 

During our stint in Manila, we stayed in a backpackers guest house in Malate called Friendly's Guesthouse. It is located near Intramuros. I recommend that place if you want to go to Intramuros.

From our guesthouse we took a taxi going to Fort Santiago, a citadel located inside intramuros. The fare was Php 70. After paying Php 75 for our entrance fee, we started to explore Fort Santiago and enjoyed a historical tour.

From Fort Santiago we proceeded to Casa Manila and the beautiful churches Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. All were done by foot. 

It was indeed a wonderful experience having to see those durable walls built by the Spaniards  and to actually feel and experience the places where many historical events happened. So if you're in Manila, don't skip it and don't forget to visit Intramuros for a meaningful historical experience.

What are the historical places in your city?

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  1. Hindi pa ako nakasakay ng kalesa. I have to try it around Intramuros really soon. :D

    1. Oi Cris try mo make sure lang di ka pa mataba ha!

    2. Hi Cris. You have to try it. Wag ka lang paloko sa presyo. It'll be a nice experience.

  2. I will definitely explore Manila and Intramuros soon! Sayang naay bagyo last time.

    1. Oo do. Tirahin mo to next time. Sana next time alang bagyo. haha

  3. It is worth to spend time in one of the historical place of the Philippines.

  4. I read on a blog that some kalesa drivers would charge 700php for a kalesa ride. :(

    1. That's so sad. I hope sec. Jimenez and the DOT will act on it soon.

  5. I wish to go manila. Manila among the best tourist destination in world.

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