Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Top 6 Countries With a Lot of Beautiful Girls

by Regin Reyno

Disclaimer: This post is highly subjective and is based solely on the author's opinion and observation. Proceed with caution and with an open mind.

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God's handwriting - a wayside sacrament." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beauty, Oh that word. All of us appreciate beauty, don't we? And in my travels, I not only appreciate the beauty of nature, like mountains, sunsets, lakes, oceans, trees-but equally important, I also appreciate the beautiful girls in the countries that I visit. They are God's lovely creation. I know you also do, right? 
Just like nature and landscape, each country offers different  kinds of beauty, and different amounts as well. Some countries offers a lot-like school of fish in the sea-while in some countries, beautiful girls are a rarity- like diamonds.

One of the great things about traveling is you get to meet a lot of people including beautiful girls-and you appreciate them. They are vitamins to our eyes.

As of the moment, I've been to 19 countries-including my home country-and these are the top 6 countries-according to my observation-that has the most number of beautiful girls per area. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say, so this is according to my eyes, OK? Ready?

6. Philippines

Ok, I'm biased, haha. But seriously, there are lots of beautiful girls in the Philippines. Go to Greenbelt area, Makati and you'll know what I'm talking about. But despite of the post-colonialism idea in the Philippines that in order to be beautiful, you must look meztiza-a typical Filipino beauty is tanned skin, with long black hair, and conservatively dressed-which you can find all over the archipelago. 

5. USA

It's a melting pot, a mixture of different races-so naturally it will result in a beautiful race. It's a large country with a lot of states so it's quite difficult to really describe a typical American girl. And because it's a first world country with a high standard of living, they are well-dressed and a healthy bearing can be noticed.
The bottom line is, there are lots of beautiful girls in the States, period.

4. Vietnam

Before visiting this country, my image for the people here are those war-torn natives which we usually see in movies-you know those Hollywood movies about the Vietnam war. But when I came here in 2011, I was surprised because it's a booming city (Saigon) with lots of ehem, beautiful girls. Yes, believe it or not, there are lots of them. From the vendors in Ben Thank market to the shoppers in its posh malls. Even girls who are cycling wearing that traditional white Vietnamese dress-they are beautiful.
According to history, the Vietnamese people originated from southern China. And even though it's a Southeast Asian country, the features of the girls here are closer to East Asians. Fair skin, almond-shaped eyes, and slim body. I wonder why a lot of Vietnamese girls are slim. When I was there, I hardly saw an overweight girl-maybe because of their food-you know how they love to put a lot of vegetables in their pho. 
I remember what my buddy, Piong, told me when he went to Vietnam, "Boy ang gaganda ng mga Vietnamese, ultimo tindera." hahaha... 

3. Sweden 

Because of the climate here, all of them are well-dressed-you know those typical dress when the wind is chilly. So when I was in Stockholm, it was a beauty to behold. A wonderful city with people who are well-dressed, most of them fashionably dressed and with physical features to compliment those dress-you know, Europeans.
Here's your typical Scandinavian; Blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin and tall stature. And according to the Nordic theory, they are the master race. Well, you may ask, "Then why don't you include Norway and Denmark?". Well, I just saw more beautiful girls in Sweden, that's all.
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2. Thailand

Welcome to the Land of Smiles, where a smile here has a hundred meanings, haha. O wait, this is not about smile...
Thai beauty.. mmmm. What can I say. I'm speechless. Let me compose myself first. OK, here we go. If you happen to be in Bangkok, take the skytrain (BTS) from end station to the end station, and then head to Siam Paragon or Central World and again, you'll know what I'm talking about.
This is quite biased because what I'll be talking here are Bangkok girls. Yes, girls in Bangkok are different from girls in the provinces. But nevertheless, Thailand (or Bangkok) will still be at number 2.
Because of the Chinese migration from the Qing dynasty in 200 BC, their features have Chinese influence. So a Malay race, mix it with some East Asian blood, and a culture that puts high importance on beauty-then you have a typical Bangkok girl.
Just like the Vietnamese, Thai girls are generally slim-again, credits to their diet. (They love veggies).
Girls here in Bangkok are so fashionable-they put a great weight on beauty and fashion. It's not uncommon to see Thais lining for a facial treatment, hair treatment, salon, spas, beauty clinics, and gym memberships. Head to Platinum Fashion Mall and you'll see lots of Thais shopping for those fashionable dresses.

1. Spain 

Viva Espana! Welcome to Spain, a country where there is no ugly. Haha.. Imagine a girl with a guitar-like figure, black hair, black eyes, and fair to olive skin-then you have your typical Spanish bonita.
Match it with those rolling "Rs" when they speak, I'm sure you'll enjoy Spain a lot. 
Its race is a mixture of Nordic and Mediterranean.
In my 2 weeks in Spain, I was able to visit the province of Alava and the cities Vitoria-Gasteiz, Burgos, and Barcelona-and man! They are everywhere!
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Again, these are just based on the outside appearance, but true beauty lies within. 
So travel more and continue to appreciate the beautiful things  each country has to offer.

God made us all different from each other which makes us a wonderful mosaic of beautiful people. It would be boring if we are all the same, right?

How about you? What are your top countries with a lot of beautiful girls? 


  1. I cant help it... i keep laughing while reading this... sorry parang paki ramdam ko may pagnanasa bec of the words used lol... pero kidding aside, your number 2 which is thailand is my number 1. Number 2 would be the Philippines.

    1. Hahaha.. Thanks for dropping by Jherson. I'm delighted that you also appreciate Thai beauty. Ya, Thailand can be number 1 as well. Especially if you go to their posh malls.

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    1. Hi Alex. Thanks for dropping by. I accept sponsored posts. Contact me through my email. Thanks.

  3. Do, I love this post! Really. First time to see lots of beautiful girls in Bangkok.hahaha

    1. Thanks do. Yeah, that's why it's my fave city in Asia. haha

  4. I do agree the Philippines is one country that is full of beautiful people in and out. It can be one of the reasons why many foreigners are hook or entice by their mesmerizing look and we stand out from the rest because of our natural skin color.

  5. How about the girls from South America. Such as Brazil? Where do they rank on your list.


    1. I haven't been to Brazil, so....
      But I heard Brazil has lots of hot chicks.