Friday, February 1, 2013

My Most Romantic City in Europe

by Regin S. Reyno

It's the month of love again! Love is in the air. Last year, I wrote an article about dating a traveler in relation to the month of February. This time I'll write about a city in Europe which I consider most romantic. 

When talking about romance, the city or place always comes with it. People think immediately which city is the best place to have a date, to spend time with the one you love or you admire-because the place plays a large factor in the romantic touch, or chemistry of the moment-and where else could it be better than in a beautiful continent called Europe. 

A lot of romantic movies were set in Europe. Maybe you've seen some of those, like Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, Chasing Liberty, If Only, Roman Holiday, When in Rome, Letters to Juliet, Under the Tuscan Sun, Only You, Notting Hill, A Room with a View, A Good Year, Midnight in Paris, Love Actually, My Life in Ruins, Just Married, Letters to Juliet, French Kiss, Milan, etc.

Well, who wouldn't fall in love in Europe? With a picturesque scenery, endless greens, beautiful flowers, fresh clean air, convenient transportation, clean environment, outdoor cafes, museums,  and historical churches-Europe is indeed a land of beauty and romance. No wonder a lot of romantic movies were set there. 

So when someone ask me what my most romantic city in Europe is, I had difficulty choosing. Because of the sheer beauty of European cities-and the factors mentioned above-they are all romantic. But if I have to choose only one, if I have to choose where to bring my date/girlfriend/wife for a romantic experience, I'd bring her to...

But before I answer that, what are my criteria in making a place romantic? In other words, what makes a place romantic for me. 

These are my criteria in order for a place or city to be romantic.

1. Solitude. When we want to be with someone that you love or like, you want to spend precious moments with her. You want to enjoy each other's presence without external distractions. It's good to have a date when you are together, just the two of you. It is more intimate, thus more romantic. So I want a city that is laid-back. Plus, I hate large crowds.

2. Convenience. Even if I want solitude, I don't want to compromise convenience. You have to eat, you have to go from places to places, and you want to be comfortable as much as possible. Because in a date, an uncomfortable situation may ruin it. So as much as I want solitude, I also want convenience. It must have good restaurants, theaters, parks, good transportation system, and hospitals in case of emergencies.

3. Cleanliness. Do you want to have a date in a stinky, dirty environment? haha... That will definitely  take the romance out of it. I think I don't need to explain this further.

4. Elegance. Living in Manila before, one of my favorite places to hangout is Greenbelt in Makati. The elegance, and cozy ambiance of the place will definitely spark a romantic feel.

5. Nature. The author of love, which is God, reveals Himself through revelation and nature. What better way to have a date, than to be in the midst of God's wonderful creation. His love, revealed through lovely flowers, fresh foliage, and cute wild animals. Love is really in he air if you are surrounded by one of the evidences of the author of love. 

Having these criteria, I choose the wonderful city of..... no, not Paris, nor Venice, nor Rome, nor Prague, nor Dublin. (I haven't been to these cities yet, that's why. haha).

But having been to 9 European countries and countless cities, I choose Trondheim!
One of my favorite cities in Europe, Trondheim for me is the most romantic. With a population of only 170,00 in a 342 km2 land area, it is a laid-back city. I hate crowded places and this is definitely a wonderful city to have a date.

a solitary experience
It has also great restaurants, like Egon, where it is located on top of a tower overlooking the city. It rotates without you noticing it. It has malls, theaters, and shops. 
The nature there is wonderful. It looks more of a countryside than a city. The air is the cleanest in the world. And during summer, it's great to have barbecue outdoors-sit on the green grass and enjoy the fresh, clean, quiet. environment. 

You can also enjoy the midnight sun, which is definitely one of the most wonderful and romantic experiences that you can have. 

And being in one of the richest countries in the world, elegance is an understatement for Trondheim. Everything there is cozy, beautiful, class, and comfortable. 

When we were there, I really fell in love with the place. We stayed there for weeks in 2 different occasions. I've experience roaming around the city, eating out, biking, going to museums, strolling, road tripping, walking along the seaside, and visiting the beautiful Nidaros cathedral.

With my criteria above, the only downside of Trondheim is their transportation system. Because all people here have cars, they don't have that accessible transportation system compared to cities like Berlin and Frankfurt. That is the only downside. But the rest are all excellent.

So forget about Paris, Venice, London, and Prague, and head to Trondheim for a wonderful European romance. 
Trondheim in the evening

For more information about possible activities in Trondheim, visit this link: 20 Things to Do in Trondheim

How about you? Which is your most romantic European city? 

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  1. Laughing out loud at the solitary experience. :D Dublin is my most romantic European city even if I have yet to set foot on any part of Europe but hopefully I'll get travel there someday with hubby. Like you said, who wouldn't fall in love with Europe? :)

    1. Haha... That's right. Europe is definitely a must, especially for romantic experiences.

  2. London - in this category, not really. Would need to find a really good night-stroll area amongst a lot more to make it into this category. The city, sights, and people make it feel very very very busy.

    Paris - Overrated on all accounts. City has a lot of sights, but would require time and travel from each sight - and for a 'couple', could potentially spend more time traveling than enjoying.

    Rome - Same as Paris. If you don't mind crowds, there are a few areas - but only if your experience lies within a single location to spend it in.

    Budapest - a little harder to get around. As for 'romance', not quite.

    Zurich - pricey - but definitely a good contender in this category. Both day and night activities are available and the city has a 'calm' feel to it.

    Vienna - another good contender in this category. Not overly crowded, easily accessible, lots of options, great people, and awesome scenery.

    Venice - in this category would be my top choice. In the small real estate that is the city of Venice, you have a ton of things to do, places to see, and foods to eat. All of which would almost always be better 'with someone'. Transportation to move from spot to spot isn't required, every corner can make for an interesting people-watching station, and every corner poses a picturesque scene written a thousand different ways from any and every available viewpoint. Activities during the day go into the wee hours of the night. Night serenades occur at almost every other block. Day serenades echo throughout the buildings from gondoliers serenading guests while they tour the city. Timed during carnival, and you would up the stakes to an even higher level of experience you wouldn't get anywhere else in the world, and is comparable next to none.

    1. Wow... Very nice description Roy. I wish to go to these cities too someday. Venice is really romantic as depicted in a lot of movies. I love your photo with Kim. Really romantic.

  3. I love the experience and need i say, I am happy to see you with that lovely Fil-half-Norwegian friend of yours, that obviously is an inspiration while sightseeing across Europe, I supposed? haha

    1. Haha... Thanks for visiting Doc Wends. It was really a wonderful and memorable experience being there.

  4. Well someday soon I hope to visit Europe too :-)