Saturday, March 14, 2020

Tuyok Flights Budget

by Regin Reyno

"Investment in travel is an investment in yourself."--Matthew Karsten

I circumnavigated the world without the aid of a travel agency or Round the World (RTW) packages from the internet. I booked all my flights via the app, (formerly called and paid using my WeChat wallet. The result was cheaper compared to RTW deals and a more tailored flights to my liking. 

crossing the Atlantic ocean via TAP Portugal
And because I paid using money that I have; not using a credit card, there was peace of mind during my journey, knowing I don’t have to worry about paying debts after my trip. 

I started booking in September 2019 till October 2019. My journey started on November 8, 2019.

Here’s the price of the flights that enabled me to circle the globe:

I paid with the currency, Chinese Yuan or Renminbi (RMB)

1. Manila to Hong Kong=398 RMB or 56.8 USD
Cebu Pacific

2. Hong Kong-Beijing-Tijuana-Mexico City=4,442 RMB or 634 USD
Hong Kong Airlines and Hainan Airlines

3. Mexico City-Cancun=343 RMB or 49 USD
Viva Aerobus 

4. Cancun-Lima=1,870 RMB or 267 USD

5. Lima-Cusco=685 RMB or 98 USD

6. Cusco-Santiago-Rio de Janeiro=3,985 RMB or 569 USD

7. Rio de Janeiro-Lisbon-Tel Aviv=3,140 RMB or 448 USD
TAP Portugal
(note: For this flight, I didn’t continue to Tel Aviv, Israel. I changed my mind. At Lisbon, Portugal airport, I took a flight to Casablanca, Morocco. So, this could’ve been cheaper)

8. Lisbon-Casablanca=515 RMB or 73 USD
TAP Portugal

9. Casablanca-Marrakech=131 RMB or 19 USD
train, 1st class compartment

10. Marrakech-Athens-Tel Aviv=1,525 RMB or 218 USD
Aegean Airlines 
(note: I just booked this flight at Marrakech airport because they won’t let me board my original flight because of visa and airline policy issues. RyanAir is crap. So, this could’ve been cheaper)

*original flight: Marrakech-Marseille-Tel Aviv=433 RMB or 62 USD

11. Tel Aviv-Moscow-Bangkok=2,784 RMB or 397 USD 
Aeroflot and Rossiya Airlines

12. Bangkok-Singapore=563 RMB or 80 USD

13. Singapore-Kota Kinabalu=467 RMB or 67 USD

14. Kota Kinabalu-Manila=334 RMB or 48 USD
Cebu Pacific

Total: 21,183 RMB or 3,023 USD (with Aegean Airlines, RAK-TLV) 

or 20,090 RMB or 2,867 USD (with RyanAir, RAK-TLV)

This is part of Tuyok

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