Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ASEAN Blogger Festival 2013: Why I Want to Participate in the Event?

by Regin Reyno

In October 2012, I got an invitation to join the BlogFest Asia in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It's a meeting and seminar of bloggers in Asia, which was held during the 1st week of November. Despite my desire to join that event, I wasn't able to, because of my work. I know I've missed one of the biggest opportunities a travel blogger can have. As I saw the photos of my fellow Filipino bloggers who joined the event, I was so jealous. How I wished I was able to join that special opportunity. It was an event full of activities, information, and networking among fellow travel bloggers, not to mention Siem Reap being my favorite place in Southeast Asia.

They say opportunity knocks only once, and if you've missed it, then you've missed it. But, as I was checking my mail one day, I've found another invitation-this time it is called ASEAN Blogger Festival. I was one of the invited travel bloggers to join the festival to be held in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia in May 2013. Wow! What an opportunity.

One of my travel goals is to explore the 11 countries of Southeast Asia. As a backpacker, Southeast Asia is one of the popular regions among backpackers. Cheap cost of living, wonderful nature, friendly people, adventure opportunities, and cuisine.That's why one of my bucket lists is to explore it.

As of the moment, I've been to 8 out of the 11 countries of Southeast Asia. Although I've been to Jakarta already, I haven't been to Solo, Central Java yet, so this will be a great privilege for me.

I am always fascinated about Southeast Asia. Even if I've traveled across Europe and US, Southeast Asia still has it's own place in my heart, most especially the "banana pancake trail". I am an avid reader of the Southeast Asia Backpacker magazine and even contributed some photos to that magazine.

As a travel writer and blogger, this festival will be a great event for me to showcase Southeast Asia, my favorite region to backpack, and the region where I belong.

As I learn more skills in that festival, I will become a more improved travel blogger and will be able to share more effectively Southeast Asia to the rest of the world through my writing and photos.

May this blog fest bind us, ASEANs, closer to each other and will result in a more harmonious, travel-friendly region. That's one of the things we bloggers can contribute for a better ASEAN community in 2015. 

You can also visit Aseanita's fan page for more information about activities in Southeast Asia.  


  1. wellcome to Solo on ASEAN Blogger Festival, one of Heritage City in Indonesia

    1. Thank you. I'm excited to explore and write about Solo, Central Java.

  2. Hello, greatings

    Hope you can meet in Solo Indonesia :)
    You have twitter?

    1. Hoping to meet you too. My twitter is @reginstravels