Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fishing in Malaysia

guest post by John Anderson

Malaysia is an exotic fishing holiday destination.  Here you get options of fresh water as well as open sea fishing. You can reserve your rooms in a fishing resort for an easy access.

Fishing Destinations
There are many fishing spots in Malaysia- 300 species of fresh water fish to be precise and you can easily catch 40 species with your fishing rods. Most of the rivers are flowing from the dense rain forests. Not only fresh water fishing, there are also many fishing spots on the west and the east coast where you can get salt water species. The small island of Palau Sembilan is also a favorite of anglers.

Variety of fish
Both fresh and salt water fish varieties are available here. The main species of fresh water are the Malaysian jungle perch, giant snakehead, the giant feather back and the Malaysian mahseer . On the other hand main salt water varieties include barracuda, sailfish, narrow-backed mackerel , black and blue marlin, tuna, cobia, mahi-mahi great amberjack and sharks .

Fishing Resorts
If fishing is the main attraction of your trip, it is better to stay in one of the many fishing resorts. There are many fishing resorts available in Mersing and Tioman Island in the Seribuat Archipelago. You can go trekking, cycling, snorkeling or canoeing along with deep sea fishing trip. You could also stay in the beautiful beachside chalets. Besides fishing, visitors can snorkel, Jet Ski, canoe, swim or sunbathe.

Best time for fishing in Malaysia is between the months of March and October. You can avoid tourist rush by planning your trip before hand, preferably before June or after August or mid September. If your hotel does not arrange for transportation, which is very unlikely, you can opt for a train service, which runs on a regular basis between Kuala Lumpur and the big towns of Malaysia.

Author Bio: John Anderson is an ardent outdoor enthusiast who has a special interest in fishing adventure. He hails from Australia and has traveled almost all the wonderful places in the country for one of kind experiences. He is also a proficient author of several outdoor articles on travel with a bias towards boating and fishing.


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