Monday, April 9, 2012

The Southern Summer Adventure

by Regin Reyno

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This week, the whole of Thailand will celebrate the Thai new year according to the Thai Buddhist calendar. They call it Songkran festival. It is a week long celebration where people splash each other with water. It is believed that by splashing water, blessings are poured on to that person. Since it is also the hottest time of the year in Thailand, many people really enjoy it. Lots of tourists flock to Thailand during this time of the year and enjoy splashing water to each other.

Because of this holiday, I'll be able to escape Bangkok and go to the beautiful provinces of Thailand. I'll go to the southern part of Thailand where world class beaches and resorts are located. Since I'm an advocate of budget travels, I opted to take the bus instead of flying. I'll also have the benefit of enjoying the journey and really experience the places and people. It is a grueling 12-hour bus ride in going there, but I'm prepared especially knowing that Thailand has great, comfortable double-decker buses.

I'll visit the beach town of Krabi and the islands of Phi phi don and Phi phi leh, where the movie "The Beach" was shoot. This will be another adventure and travel experience.Watch out for my blog and tips regarding this trip. Praise the Lord for giving me this opportunity.

Have a wonderful and safe summer vacation!