Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Journey in Southeast Asia Through Photographs

by Regin Reyno

One my favorite places to backpack is Southeast Asia. The reasons? Inexpensive, warm climate, relaxing beaches, wonderful scenery, lush jungles, tropical waterfalls, lofty mountains, delicious food, friendly and beautiful locals, and a wonderful backpacker community.

One of my travel goals is to backpack in all the 11 countries of Southeast Asia and photograph priceless moments and sights to share to the world.

As of the moment, I've been to 8/11 countries of Southeast Asia. I've witnessed great scenery, had wonderful experiences, tasted mouth-watering cuisines, and met a lot of people-both locals and travelers-on the road.

Here are some photos of Southeast Asia. I'm hoping to add Singapore (Yes, I haven't been to Singapore), East Timor, and Brunei in the near future.

Let's continue trampling the Banana Pancake Trail!

1. Kingdom of Cambodia

3. Kingdom of Thailand 

3. Republic of the Philippines 

4. Socialist Republic of Vietnam 

5. Lao People's Democratic Republic

6. Republic of the Union of Myanmar

7. Republic of Indonesia

8. Malaysia 

Regin Reyno 

Which is your favorite travel destination in Southeast Asia? 

Updated in September 2017