Monday, April 13, 2020

Lockdown Thoughts

by Regin Reyno

Of Lockdowns and Sunrises 
Bukidnon, Philippines, 2020
© Regin Reyno

Everything and everyone is just passing through our lives in this world. Let's learn to appreciate and savor the moment of their passing through, while it last.
Let me share this beautiful poem by Celedonia Franco.

Passing Through
"You've come into my night like a comet passing by,
illuminating the sky with such perpetual motion, 
so rare and bright.

The stars suddenly speak in a language you awakened;
all my senses begin to understand how beautiful it is to float in the abyss blue.

Engulf me with your light that I may drown in your being -
what I wouldn't give if only for a heartbeat to be shattered in bliss!

You have come to me swiftly as a light,
flashed in a fleeting moment - yet too deeply that when you leave, 
I am not the same."

This poem was also made into a beautiful choral music by Ily Maniano.

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