Friday, December 6, 2013

Dating Ideas in Bangkok

by Regin Reyno

My favorite city in Asia and one of my most romantic places in Southeast Asia is Bangkok. It is called Kungthep by the locals which translates as City of Angels. It is known for its delicious food, inexpensive cost of living, and great shopping. It is a great destination for a romantic experience as well.

A bustling Southeast Asian mega-city it, of course, has the same problems with most mega cities in Southeast Asia. Pollution, traffic jams, crime (although I feel generally safer in Bangkok than in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Saigon), and sanitation. But on the other hand, it boasts on its ancient temples and palaces, skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, well-manicured parks, posh cafes, great restaurants, gigantic malls, and a river that flows through it.
This city, which became Thailand’s capital since king Rama I established it, is a combination of ancient and modern-where tradition and culture combine with modernism and the desire to cope up with the western world, where simplicity and materialism abound, where you can see bare-footed Monks in long robes walking in the street then you see a group of ladies in their “mini short-pants” and sleeveless tops chatting on their iPhone 5s with Prada or Louis Vuitton Bags dangling on their shoulder.

So when in Bangkok, whether an expat dating a Thai local steadily, a tourists falling in “love” with a fellow traveler on the road, or a couple on a honeymoon, I've listed some ideas on where to go or what to do when in Bangkok for that unforgettable romantic experience.

     1.  Experience a European/American-style outdoor dining experience at Chocolate Ville.

This Euro/American themed restaurant offers an experience that will make you say “love is in the air”. Their food and drinks range from French, German, Italian, American, to Thai. Make sure to choose an outdoor table.
Dining in the Park
    2.  Dine while cruising along Chao Praya river serenaded by a tenor saxophonist.

While cruising, you’ll witness the golden temples shining brightly at night and their Thai buffet meal will surely satisfy those stomachs.

   3. Explore the Grand Palace together.

Bring an umbrella if you can’t bear the stickiness of sunscreens like me. Bangkok sun is really harsh. Exploring this former residence of kings of Thailand, you’ll feel like a royal couple walking around their home.

  4. Relax at Promenade.
Located at 589/7-9 Ramintra road, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok, this super clean and cozy outdoor mall offers lots of posh restaurant and cafes. Try international dishes-Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, French, and American. Or you can simply sit in one the cafes and have an intimate time together with a Euro-themed fountain and classical music as your background.

  5. Experience China at Chinatown.

Chinese temple, Chinese food, Chinese products, Chinese medicine, Chinese feel, this Binondo of Bangkok is a great experience if you don’t have the time or money to fly to Beijing. This place is called Yaowarat by the Thais and is also referred to as the Old Bangkok. Just please avoid the Shark Fin soup. Let’s all boycott shark-fin and bird’s nest-eating for our environment and for the love of endangered animals. For goodness’ sake, avoid it at any cost.

   6. Gorge on Thai street food.

Thai food is very popular all over the world. But the food offered in other countries is so expensive and is not authentic. ( most Thai food in the Philippines is cooked by a Filipino cook, most Thai food in the US is cooked by an American cook, you get what I mean?). When in Bangkok, the most authentic Thai food can be found on the streets, not to mention cheap. It’s also a great way to be true to each other by not being maarte.
Thai street food

  7. Ride a tuktuk together.

Ok, most locals, especially the richer ones don’t ride these rickshaws driven by former F1 drivers. But hey, convince her and it’ll be a great experience. The cornering skills of these drivers-cornering at 100 kph-will make you hold hands with each other or will even make her embrace you. Now you have an idea.

Thai tuktuk

  8.  Have a romantic dinner on top of Baiyoke tower.

You can never go wrong on dining on the tallest building in Thailand at night.

  9. Hire a mat and relax on the manicured lawns of King’s Park on a lazy afternoon.

Enjoy the flowers, plants, grass, lakes. Appreciate God’s wonderful creation. Feed the pigeons, or just simply lie there. King’s Park is a wonderful park and there are spots which aren't crowded you’ll have the whole place by yourselves.

This park known to Thais as Suan Luang Rama IX is located at Sukhumvit 103 rd., Nong Bon sub-district, Phrawet district, Bangkok.

  10.   Release that adrenaline in Siam Park City.

Experts say the feeling of falling in love is the same feeling when you are excited, or scared. And the release of endorphin and adrenaline has a quite similar effect. When you are with your partner or date, the surge of adrenaline will have a tremendous effect on both of you. It will aid your falling in love to each other or accelerate it.  

Siam Park is a theme park and a water park at the same time. It boasts to have the largest wave pool in the world. And yes, their free buffet lunch will make Dream World ashamed.

So still don’t know where to head for that awesome date that you’re dreaming of, or your honeymoon? Forget about Hong Kong and head to Bangkok.

What are some other great dating ideas in Bangkok? Share it on the comment box below.


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