Sunday, November 17, 2013

Concert Tour in Bohol

by Regin Reyno

Bohol is one of the most beautiful island provinces that I’ve visited in the Philippines. Beaches, mangroves, laid-back life, colonial churches, clean river, friendly locals, kalamay, Hershey Kisses-like Chocolate hills, Tarsiers, and floating restaurants.
Advent Philomels visit Chocolate Hills in Bohol
From Cagayan de Oro, we took a ship called Cebu Ferries going to Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s capital city. It was an overnight trip. This was part of our concert tour in the Visayas by my choir in Mountain View College called Advent Philomels. It was my first time in Bohol and I’m thankful for the Advent Philomels for tours like this, all expenses borne by the choir.

Tip: One of the ways for you to have free travels is to join touring choirs. Not only will you have free travels but you’ll also have tons of wonderful memories and friends.

We were picked-up in the pier by our hosts and had a wonderful lunch full of broth as Boholanos want their viand to be. We had a Christmas concert in the biggest shopping mall in Tagbilaran City, the Island City Mall. We went to different places in the province singing to government establishments, private sectors, and schools.

During evenings, we serenaded the people with Christmas carols. It was so fun. Being together for days with your friends, staying together in one house, sharing stories, singing together, worshiping together, is an awesome experience.
our concert in Island City Mall. Tagbilaran, Bohol
Our host brought us to Bohol’s tourist spots. Panglao beach and resorts, Loboc river, floating restaurant, Loboc Church, Tarsier conservatory,  man-made forest, and the highlight, the Chocolate Hills.
Loboc River
The Loboc River is very clean and the vegetations around it are plentiful. It is like in a forest. We cruised on river aboard the floating restaurant. They say Tarsiers, abound in those vegetations.
Bohol is one of the few places in the world where Tarsiers can be found. 
Ever since elementary, I was so curious and interested in those Chocolate Hills. I always wonder how they look like in real life because it’s all over our classroom during in elementary school and bragged about by teachers in Social Studies.

So when I finally saw the Chocolate Hills, it was a dream come true. It was so beautiful-so amazing. I can’t imagine how that happened- a lot of hills with almost the same size to each other.  It’s one of the natural wonders of the Philippines-a magnificent creation.
Chocolate Hills
photo credit: Ronald Baragona 
Our stay in Bohol was really fun and memorable. And I can say is that Bohol is one of the provinces in the Philippines that shouldn’t be missed. You’ll never regret visiting Bohol.

If ever you’ll be in the Philippines, visit Bohol and experience a perfect holiday.


       Chocolate Hills
       Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary
       Loboc River (floating restaurant)
       Panglao beach
       Bohol man-made forest
  Tagbilaran city

This is my share for the November PTB Blog Carnival with the theme Memories of Visayas, hosted by Grasya Bangoy of This Grasya on the Road of Life.

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