Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Get a Re-entry Permit

by Regin Reyno

If you're an expat working in Thailand, the Ministry of Labor and the Thailand Immigration/Embassy will issue you a work permit and a Non-immigrant B visa or commonly known as "Non B". This is usually good for 1 year. It means you are legally working in Thailand-you are not a tourist anymore.

I'm blessed to have a Non B visa while staying here in Thailand. I don't have to do visa run every now and then just to secure my stay here. But having this kind of visa, you need to secure a re-entry permit every time you go out of the country, or else the moment you enter the Thailand again, your Non B visa will be automatically cancelled and you will have a tourist visa good for only 15 days or 30 days-depending on your port of entry. 

 So if you're a Non B holder, make sure that every time you leave the country, secure a re-entry permit first.

The permit is issued in the Thai Immigration located in Government Center Chaeng Wattana Building B, Nr. 120 Moo 3, ChaengWattana Road Soi 7, Tung Song Hong Subdistrict Laksi, Bangkok. 

Go to Mochit BTS/skytrain station, from there, take a taxi. It is approximately 10km. from Mochit station. 

Or if you are from Pakkred, Nonthaburi or from Bangkapi,  you can take bus 150. 

There are motorbikes and a free shuttle bus waiting on the street going to the building, as it is located a few meters from the main road.

There are two kinds of re-entry permit, the first one is the single re-entry permit which cost THB 1,000 and the other one is the multiple re-entry permit which costs THB 3,800. 

If you are going out of the country for at least 4 times within a year, or 4 times before your non B visa expires, it is wise to get a multiple re-entry permit as you will save some amount not to mention the fare and time in getting a re-entry permit.

Your re-entry permit has the same expiry date as your Non B.

In processing your re-entry permit you need 1 passport size photo, your valid passport, a photocopy of the photo page of your passport, your recent visa, and your non B visa. 

Fill-out the form that will be provided to you there and get a que number. The processing takes 30 min.-2 hours depending on the number of people.

Lunch break is from 12:00pm-1:00pm, so make sure you arrive early to avoid the lunch break delay. 

Always make sure you secure your re-entry permit every time you go out of the country, if you are a holder of Non B visa in Thailand.


single re-entry permit-THB 1,000/USD 32.55
multiple re-entry permit- THB 3,800/USD 123.70

Things to Bring
valid passport (at least 6 months before the expiry date)
1 passport size photo
photo copy of your passport's photo page, recent visa, and Non Immigrant B visa 

Where do you plan to go this semester break? Make sure you have a re-entry permit.

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