Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Litte Taste of Europe in Bangkok

by Regin Reyno

One cloudy Sunday morning, on a beautiful weekend, I explored some places in Bangkok that I haven't explored yet. Bangkok, as what have been mentioned, is my favorite city in Asia. There are lots of beautiful places to go to, and activities, depending on your personality. 

That Sunday brought me to a European building. At first, I didn't know what it is. But later on, I found out that that is the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, a former reception hall located in Dusit, Bangkok. It was built in 1906 during the time of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V).

The building is indeed European because it was built by Italian architects Mario Tamagno and Annibale Rigotti and Italian sculptor  Vittorio Novi. It is an Italian renaissance and Neo classical style. The marbles came from Carrara, Italy and the other materials are foreign as well. It was completed in 1915.

As a history buff and a lover of beautiful old buildings, I immediately went on to explore it. I took photos and took time in beholding that wonderful edifice. The feel and ambiance of the place was really fantastic. It's like I'm in Europe again!  

When I visited Europe, one thing that I enjoyed there are their outdoor cafes. People just hangout in cafes, chatting, reading newspapers and books.  I also experienced hanging out in outdoor cafes just relaxing, enjoying the cool European summer air and just observing the people pass by. I miss those experiences. 

So when I was in the throne hall, with that European feel, I spotted an outdoor cafe right in front of the building. I wasted no time and went there immediately and relaxed, and just let the world go by. The weather that time was also cool. What a wonderful experience. I had a little bit of Europe in Bangkok during that day. 


How to get there:

Go to Victory Monument, take the sky train (BTS) or take a bus
Buses 116, 8, 26 are examples of buses that go to Victory Monument
There is a BTS (sky train) station in Victory Monument (Anusawari)

from Victory Monument take a taxi. The fare ranges from 40-60 baht.


-The throne hall is now a museum, if you want to enter you must be in an "appropriate attire". Which means a sleeved-shirt and trousers for man and a long skirt for women.  
-There is an entrance fee in going inside. (I don't know how much)

Are you also fond of outdoor cafes? Where is your favorite outdoor cafe? 


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