Saturday, August 25, 2012

Number 19, crossed-out

by Regin Reyno

19. tell the people about Jesus in Cambodia and volunteer for the orphans there (July 2012)

during the Adventist Youth program in the orphanage
photo credit: Ephraim Arriesgado

I just crossed out number 19 in my 50 before 40 page. These are the 50 things that I want to do before I reach the age of 40. 

      Last July 2012, together with my class in college, we went to Cambodia and did a ministry there. We shared our faith and belief about Jesus Christ and volunteered in one of the orphanages there. We call our group, Klement Backpacking and Ministry. Klement is our class name. It means "gentle" or "caring". 

KBM productions
videography: John Noe Surmillon
host: Dodge Lecciones

Klement '09 in one of the houses of the missionaries in the orphanage
    As part of backpacking and ministry, we went to Cambodia to volunteer for the orphans there. After we visited the glorious temples of Angkor, we went to an orphanage that was founded by Seventh-day Adventist from Australia, Tim and Wendy Maddocks. The orphanage's name is Wat Preah Yesu. We stayed there for the weekend and experienced the place.

with Tim and Wendy Maddocks. Founders of the orphanage. 
    We attended their vespers meeting and mingled with the kids on a Friday night and on Saturday afternoon, we sang songs for the kids and had an Adventist Youth program. After which we distributed slippers for the orphans, because most of them don't have slippers. We also included some food in our distribution.
distribution of slippers/flip-flops and food
photo credit: Ephraim Arriesgado
    We handled the Sabbath services in the town church. From Sabbath School program to the Divine Worship. We had a mini-concert during the Sabbath school program and we led the Lesson review and the all the parts of the divine worship. 

teaching the kids about Jesus and His love
photo credit: John Noe Surmillon

during the Sabbath School program
photo credit: John Noe Surmillon
    Talking about Jesus and sharing your faith is a wonderful experience. The distribution of slippers to the orphans and even by just mingling with them brought each of us joy, peace, and happiness because of serving and helping others. 


  1. Nasa bucket list pala to ha! Nice one do! We both have a love for missions!

    1. Oo do matagal na yan sa bucket list. Mas meaningful pag may mission trip do.