Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekly Travel Photo: Grand Palace Grounds

by Regin Reyno

Starting today, I'm going to post 1 travel photo per week. It will showcase the place in which I'm currently in in that particular week.  I'll also include the EXIF data and the location to where the photo was taken. Enjoy!

Grand Palace

Grand Palace Grounds
Bangkok, Thailand 
aperture: f8
shutter speed: 1/30
 ISO: 100
taken: October 6, 2012
gear: Nikon D3000 with 35mm 1.8G lens 


  1. Sanam Luang used to be one of my favourite places... that was years ago when I lived in that area.

    Now, my favourite place is the archery field!

    P.S.: You should do a photo a day, I'm sure you have plenty in your photo archive...

  2. Sanam Luang is indeed a great place to relax, specially on weekends.
    I'm lazy for a daily photo. haha...

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